Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Name is Moa Lemtur. I'm originally from Nagaland, been living in Pune for almost 8 years now. I grew up doing sketches occasionally, never took it serious enough to make it as my career though. Until around 2014, I decided I should do something about it.
I'm right now working as a Senior designer + illustrator in charge in Therefore Design Studio in Pune. Besides that, I always keep doing a lot of illustrations and paintings and apparel printings on my own interests and growth.
What is your thought process? how and where do you derive inspirations from?
This has always been hard to answer! But I can say it mostly comes from good movies, books and music (and its scenes) for the visual inspirations. And the rest of the story and the feelings I put into my art develops through my own life and everything that surrounds me and gives me experiences.
Do you think your art contributes to the society in any way, if so, how?
I wish I could let the other people who appreciate and supports my art answer this. But I'm sure looking at someone putting in a lot of effort in creating something fighting against all odds can inspire in some or the other way.
I believe that through all the works I have been doing, someone somewhere, maybe a kid, must have picked up their pencil and sketched something they love after looking at my works. These small events in life, which sets the wheel in motion hopefully to something better in life, is a good enough contribution on my part as an artist. To encourage someone not to give up on what they are doing.
Is your art always accepted by the mass?
So far, I haven't done anything offensive or disturbing through my artworks. So I guess it's always been appreciated by the people. I've been told my artworks aren't very cheerful sometimes. I keep those as some of the best compliments I have ever got.
What message does your art style portray?
I would always prefer my artworks to be self-interpreted in their own ways by the viewers. It can't always be decoded to understand, maybe that was how it was meant to be. But one thing I follow while creating my artwork is, even though I make mistakes with some lines or colors, I just go on with it. If I miscalculate a line, that gives me a better idea where I should strike the next. So I just focus on finishing the artwork in a beautiful way even though the mess I've made is prominent. This same idea is what I try to apply in my life as well, and I would love to share this idea with the viewers as well.

Wearing- WinterMade T-shirt, Koovs Pants, Adidas originals slides

Styling, Modeling & Photos by Yours truly

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