This is decidedly autumn 17. Mixing up few old & some of my new finds for autumn.
In this picture: wearing: Asos Denim Jacket, Trouser & Adidas originals slides

This oversized denim jacket is what Summer nights must. Of course, a good trouser is always welcome. And just like that, a high neck tee is fine. Like you know it's always a day for a turtleneck. #sorrynotsorry. Don't just me. But I'm already digging for fall pieces. And I think stepping into the playground in time is better than any last minute preparation. D' talking about autumn wardrobe. This is decidedly autumn 17. But above all, I mostly wish to wear a joggers and lite weight sweat-shirt when autumn arrives. Then the weather gets down the fussy layers on. See I'm fully prepared this time. (Fingers crossed)Or at least it should work for me.
Photography, Styling & Modeling: Kangkan Rabha

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