If I'm honest, I've no idea how June came around so quickly(like for real). Hey, May! Where you went without saying bye or anything. Or it's like I completely ignored you while doing my things, watching all the mangas and each night scrolling through street style pages on Instagram like what else I do. Damn, I'm nervous at the main time. My textbooks are screaming(sort of) at me or maybe it's was my dad.

But, of course, tomorrow is a better day. You know the quote, right!? Kids. But hopefully, it works for me... promise to me I'll stop being lazying and get some serious works done like completing my geography, & other incomplete notes. (literally about to cry) But I'm faking it like a pro students that everything is completely done. Now I just make sure my teachers don't come across this blog post. Or maybe after a year. It's fine!?

At last, fash-un or more like fash-in talk...

 When you're laziness had taken itself to the next level and your depressed(sort of because everything getting worst) and you've nothing to wear like a menswear Instagrammer with the very fashion forward style. remember Kids in *Tyra Banks voice* Depressed... But it make it fashion. Anyway introducing you the Tracksuits trend. It's everywhere from runways to street style this past season's fashion week and having a serious moment still. Now you know you can't take a track suit for granted.

About styling it's very easy, layer it up like me or more into straightforward thing... wear like coordinate with a statement pair of shoes for the fancy look.. and casual touch with mixing it down like with a basic tee and the track pant it's my summer go thing for me lately and a slider is perfect for the feets.

Other things...

Just because I hit recently over 25k now my school juniors thinks I'm a pretty look senpai... or might be their into my Instagram edit secret.. which is anyways coming very soon, how I edit my Instagram photos(the long awaited tutorial... ) You'd Better be excited about it.( please insert the knife emoji)

Well, well... Since we had been getting a lot of support from everyone with a group of my favorite Northeast Instagrammers to give one lucky follower on Instagram a Brand new Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and few more goodies like this @asos sunglasses. Make sure you take a look if you're interested. Because Polaroid photos are legit cool for decoration and even to put on your Instagram flatlays. Hashtag an Insta-worthy thing...

The half year I must fight with the books - now over and out.

 Shot in Sony A7 II with 28-70MM

P.S.Ignore my bloody eye bags.

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