Hashtagcornyline: Keep calm and eat a Donut!
TheQuirkyminimal by Kangkan Rabha Menswear style & lifestyle blog Best Doughnut in Guwahati: Patisserie Opera

Patisserie Opera
Ulubari · Bakery

If you're from Guwahati. I doubt I don't need to mention about the Patisserie operaa Red Velvet or cheese Pastries. But if you haven't tried the sugar & chocolate Donuts sadly you're missing everything out. It's very rare to find a place in my town to have good donuts. Since we don't have Dunkin Donuts I guess it will work for me till.
 About Patisserie operaa; a very calm beautiful interior and ambiance is just great than any other bakery in town with the great sitting arrangement to enjoy the delicious baked sweets peacefully. After the donuts, my personal favorites are Butter Biscuits with simple coffee, Chicken patties & ProfitterRolls.
 Sometimes you may find some items the prices doesn't justify it but People with the sweet tooth should visit this place for sure.

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