TheQuirkyminimal by Kangkan Rabha Menswear style & lifestyle blog Koovs Wide Leg Chinos, F21 Dropped armhole tee, Koovs Mock neck t-shirt, & Adidas original superstar When a personal style blogger gives y'all manga reviews, this is what you get.
Back Tuesday was definitely a good day around this time of year, why so!? Right! Finally done with my exams guys. No Exam looming or neither no more eye swell. For those Who DM about How was my exams? First, Thanks & let's keep it short: so I don't know either, not until the results arrive. Hopefully not very soon.(Finger crossed) I've to mention it I'm not good at replying this question for sure, Hashtag very sincere student. I'm into more this way & believes like if you score less, there's no surprise. You didn't prepare well, or maybe the questions were very unexpected, or the better excuses are like; It was okay, not too bad and not too good. Even top student use it too. I guess it's enough of exam talk. 

 I've been watching non-stop manga's after my exams are over, I've completed two new. First up Absolute Due. This one is like Imagine Any generic Harem anime with super power. Done? Good, Right!? I guess that's all you really need to know about it. It's you're more of an average anime for sure. Few for more words I have to stay, that I expected more from this anime. The show has the potential, but it just didn't make it. Maybe you guys can give it a try.
And the next one is Sunday without God; On the seventh day, God left humanity behind in a world where nobody could die.
See if no one else can be born, however, no one else can also die, what'd happen to Earth? The story begins with the cutest 12 years old girl named 'Ai Austin' and she belongs to the last generation of boring humans since god abandoned earth 12 years ago. Shh, I will try not be a spoiler anymore so I will say rest you just figure it by own(But Highly recommend it). I will mark 8 out of 10 and the artwork really matches the theme of the anime and quality is the very top notch. 

Sue me.

 ROFL, am I a manga review blogger now? I'm not but I guess you can look forward to more reviews on the future post too. Your welcome!? 
 Finally... Let's end this with outfit talk, a monochromatic look. wearing these Wide leg chinos with Dropped armhole tee over a mock neck black tee. The typical combo of me. I've seen lately into more of a balanced fit like the mix of oversized and skinny fit. Don't ask me why, but I'm digging it the combo of it. The Adidas Superstar are must y'all know it better. Right!? 

 That's enough. Let me sleep...
Wearing - Koovs Wide Leg Chinos, F21 Dropped armhole tee, Koovs Mock neck t-shirt, & Adidas original superstar 
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