Koovs Sweatshirt hoodie, Asos menswear oversized denim jacket & black pants. Warming up in the February weather with layering my favorite X.O.Y.O Hoodie via Koovs and Oversized denim jacket.
Just last night, I've completed watching Brynhilder in the darkness. Sadly it was way too short, season one is only 13 episodes. Damn, I want more! Even I got to heard there's season two already out, but sadly I couldn't find it. If Someone can please paste the link on the comment section. I would be really grateful...
Now back to the look. Layering hoodies with the denim jacket it should be considered as one of the skills for you don't you agree to it. How all the street style pictures of NYFW and now LFW, those fashion lovers layering technique is top of the game.
That gets a bit more interesting I guess! Hopefully, I'm not looking like a ball(hashtag reality). This denim jacket was stolen from my sisters closet it's a women's Asos curves denim jacket, It's a win-win situation with the two-time oversized fit and how I can wear it over a hoodie.
On other note; after a long period, I took some self-portrait. No doubt it always a hectic work but I definitely enjoy it a lot and how I get full control of my photos. I felt so relaxed while doing it, to able to do one of my favorite activity without getting inquisitive looks.
Back days someone one on Instagram DM me how I look so different in person, but any of you see me in the middle of the street taking photos, feel free to say hello to me.
Need to mention self-portrait getting much better by attempt it more and more. It was done in 15 minutes. (laugh away) very impressive, kan( Insert the Smiling Face With Sunglasses Emoji)

PS. ASOS is currently having up to 70%off on many big brands and the best thing is new items drops daily. so don't miss them.
Wearing- X.O.Y.O Hoodie, Asos denim jacket & Black pants, Koovs Boots 
Self-Portrait Photography 
Shot in Sony A7ii with 20-70mm

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