"City Life" which is especially known as hectic life where timing schedules tend to change rapidly. Where people are always in the mode of competition,where competitive life is more prior than a usual life and where development seems to be more important. And all because of these, people in the city usually miss out their creativity and innovative ideas which can actually change or in the sense-refresh oneself. But I through this #refreshthecity campaigning forwarded by LEE found that there are still some people in my city vested with a lot of creative ideas and their creative works have been a source of refreshment in Guwahati.

creative direction & photography Kangkan Rabha in collaboration with LEE India for Refresh the city

  The man behind these outstanding creative works is Prasenjit Kumar Deka popularly known as MAC a tattoo artist and also a renowned wall artist of my city who through his creativity has refreshed Guwahati significantly. For me, the idea of wall art is really unique by its own not only because of the creative side but also refreshes the city walls and adds colours and own characteristics to it.
The city walls which are usually misused or made dirty by the public can be transformed into refreshing ideas by his initiative wall arts.

I believe his artistic skills should be displayed in every city walls as such they are not made dirty through any means. The people will then view the city more refreshing and clean with the added colours of creativity on it.
Folks, we all know that inspiration is endless but we always step back from trying to think out of the box. But every small step towards it can make a difference or bring a change to every other city and this is so well reflected through the Refreshthecity campaign.
So do check it out on the official Lee's site to know more about it and how other creative people are refreshing their city by their innovative works. you can also submit your own creative ideas and hidden talents here.

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