If I look back my last few post were more of a view as a personal style blogger, sharing what I wore and maybe in photos only my creative side visualise that something I'm not so happy. I need, to be honest with you guys about my blog; from what way my blog stands out from other, what are the expectations I have and even what you guys should keep, which way I'm taking my blog and most importantly my contents... Okay just posting pictures of what I wore and a little bit of writing about how I styled is something particularly I am not so into, I feel very unproductive or uninspiring whenever I do and Always some doubts goes into my mind that this content will worthy enough to read or maybe an even bit of flipping for guys or not.
  As I already told you on some of my previous posts that I truly passionate about creating authentic & original contents that not only gonna inspire but I really hope each of you enjoy.

Just posting a picture of my outfit, Is it only TQM known for???No way for me it's beyond. I may sound selfish or maybe some people gonna say self-obsessed but honestly I didn't start my blog to just share my outfits it's more of a sharing my thoughts and raise my opinions, and what's going into my day to day lifestyle with showing things how I like my creative ideas.
Although if you are loyal readers that always go through and actually read my post you will get that each post I'm putting there's always something goes with personal thoughts about every surrounding. I do know my limits of putting something on digital. What's important is that highlights, I think if anyone go through their life there is so much to share. Don't you like listening throwback stories from your parents, that is going to inspire you through your life? Right. That's it basically rather than putting anything I should focus on my contents more and come with something that is gonna worth my readers as well me, and my site is more of a platform that allows me to express myself more creatively.

  It's like the situation when you're producing something, created something, achieved something - expectations only tend to get higher and higher. But the key is the balance, so you get right. For me, the struggle is to find the right balance that properly last for the good amount of time. And my direction is always forward and up.

Wearing-Forever21Men Jacket, USB T-shirt

Self Portrait Photography - Kangkan Rabha

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