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From my previous post, you know my situation and where I had been. If not there's a justify excuse with prove of my snap chat stories may be gone okay but; for the celebration of Rongali Bihu, my family decided a quick visit towards my hometown; then after that we hit the road again to Jingysl, west cost Garo hills, Meghalaya.

The first day we did nothing much since we're tired after around 4 hours of continuously setting in the same spot from Guwahati and anyway, I hate my bumps(#Skiny problem).
Next day was more of side seen exploring in an evening, whole day we chitchat with my family and played with my two years old nephew than in evening for a refereeing treat, follow the one of the most beautiful sunsets and totally made our day so much memorable. In dinner enjoyed some Frog legs dry-fry with serious Garo/Indian spicy food. still coveting.
And then in last tow days, each day we hit the road towards Bajengdoba & Kharkutta, Meghalaya. Way to a long trip but totally worth of the view and the knowledge of the culture of northeast India.
About their lifestyle what you experience is a lifetime opportunity and make your living understanding more Adjustable in any situation. 4-6 hours electricity service. Without any wifi or 3G service and please now don't expect for 2G even. Will you dare to go?
Important talk- Before I came here, I had a meeting with a brand; nothing happened and not my business to promote or work with a brand that doesn't know How to respect other brands. It was for a photography related with creative consultant and Social Networking work.
Something they said about their brand's goals and terms that actually really pinch me up. The global launch, It was something like; we don't wish our customers in the national festival because it sounds more of an Indian looking brand.
We want to have the feel & view of international, as the premium brands don't do that too, right. Comparing power like OMG! they started popping another brands website and telling me what shit they are producing.
I was like hey, no way I'm not here to know what brand what producing. Tell me what you guys are producing and about your brand.
I do know it's always a nice to set a goal but theirs a step by step rules to it. Copying what luxury brands are doing never ever going to work for emerging brand Because you obviously need long turn focus & going. or else theirs always an end. In our life, there are first step then second then 3,4,5,6...last. Now even your brand may recognize globally in few years. But theirs always something calls Roots that our biology teacher uses to teach us about the plants roots. so making an each step by seeing others not always going to work for anyone.
Making your root strong will always going to have big support even now and future. looking at this digital age, how everything is running no one have time to look at Same stuff over & over. Seriously now go come up with something new?

 I really hope you hope you understand me & what I'm trying to say, you should ignore everyone and follow your dream by how you like maybe you make mistakes but go with it.
And always remember when you work hard at something you become good at it. now you become good at doing something, you will enjoy. 
Then a good chance you will become passionate or more passionate about what you do. work even harder to excel and be the best at it, good things happen. So here are the steps that I have found everywhere and totally works if you work hard on it.

Wearing in Shot two- Incult shirt & Blur store Sunglasses

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