Never happened or will never going to happen again. It's not that because I was traveling. If you know me even whatever is going on I still come up with something for my blog. But it's not like that way I have the blog, so I need to post. Not in my lifestyle.
And I don't dress up for my blog only like I'm going somewhere as a photographer most of the time I have a camera in my bag. So you get it. What I wear on the daily basis doing whatever I show up here. Forcing for anything, not my game, if I don't wanna do I will never.(Sorry)
Anyway I hope you got it my current situation situations I do apologise for lack updating but as I mentioned coming up with something is easy but it's should be worthy for you and me as well, & I always try my best to come up with highly inspiring content. Now Like always bare with me, be patient because so many change and contents coming soon. And here's look, shoot before heading to a client's meeting.
Currently, I'm obsessing over Zara's website, so inspiring all the editorials and I'm thinking of re-doing my website like similar kind of them. What do you think? Comment down below.

Jabong Trouser
New look sandals

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