Honestly, no clue how my insane love for whites goes so quickly that I may be trying to build up a closet that is only filled with white staples pieces which will last for a very long. Good White shirts are must ride or dies items for every season, & about dressing; dress up for a night out or maybe for a client parties with black pants; always a perfection to look, and now about dress down; go with blue jeans for casual city walk in daytime. It's the endless possibility for wearing white shirts like endless inspiration.

And do make sure you scroll below to shop my favorite white shirts edits. Clearly, this week is moving far too slowly for my liking. I'm looking forward to next week totally and anyone know how to kill time, I'm meant it's always getting a same routine type of day.

 *Anyway, everyone please leave your any question regarding about me, blogging, photography, Instagram edits, and maybe how I do that or that. Basically, anything you want to know just drops your questions in the comment section and I will try my best to cover every question in my next post, planning to post a Q&A post because lately I'm getting quite a same numerous type of questions.*

 Now I'm tired, let me have an hour of sleep. ;)


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