The weather is finally warming out here in Guwahati. Back some days it mostly downpours, very unpredictable and even google weather sucks at time. But honestly at night I'm so down, I meant I was enjoying overall with my blanket on top. Chill weather is always perfection for me. Okay, I have to admit that there's nothing more enjoyable than laziness. Excuse me, please. although I haven't that much gone, busy with a personal project and few of upcoming brands collaboration. Yea I guess that's it.
Now onto my look, I'm always ready to layer up my game. Meant you may know I'm always a winter person so things go down and I'm ready with my knits and jacket, and all that fall/winter stuff. Actually, till now I haven't switched my closet fully with some breathable piece. Definitely, should I hurry? Overall the look is self-explanatory me been me, going with litter plate is my motive this day.

And the Buzz feed life heck of cleaning white shoes, it works guys. Same process as we wash clothes; just before putting into washer make sure you first put the sneaker into a pillowcase and that's it. Like so easy and a personal tip, if your sneakers smell please spray some deodorants. Now go wash it.


Thrifted shirt(similar)
DIY crop jumper(similar)

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