Hola, Finally exams are over. That note no more stuck in exam hell. Other then between my exams, I have been reading quite a numerous time same type of typical blog post. Need to say I really have a doubt about blogging philosophy now. Like how to grow in a genuine way, it means without promoting to much. I never want to spam; obviously too much is never great and someone's does in my following list eventually in next minute I'm following them. Obviously, it is relatable to everyone, if not why to comment down below.

Also my lack of Instagramming, tumbling, tweeting, face booking & pinning over the past weeks. Things actually changing in social medias. I'm surprised, So quick like whoever told me that in Digital everything changes in seconds so true man actually what I'm seeing we should use the word nanosecond.
But I do know we don't actually have to keep up with everything because sometimes something always misses out and then if I step back to make the miss out perfect maybe other things will mess up again.So now I hope you got it why the word 'leave it' invented. Don't be same because I have been struggling to like this area for an every long, hoping for everything perfect makes it everything worst.
Other then yesterday when I re-watched the She is man movie on YouTube, don't believe me but Indians are way getting in digital advertising. Like very other Indian political parties promo video are way popping then the my movies was long. Seriously they are way cool then our youth expected. Very other industries are competing at same label now. Actually I never really thought that Indian politicians will be using Digital advertising too.
Normally The target's were our grandparents to parents, it means print publications only used and that works perfectly, to be honest. That means now may be the street walls will be clean, yay no more Vote for him, her, him & her.
I guess That's it! Well these things were hurting my mind so thought why not share it & I truly passionate about talking current more then future or past.

Last about the Instagram new algorithm, where everyone saying turn me on, Turn me on!
So many posts on my Instagram timeline imploring followers to turn on post notifications to combat the impending update change. Considering how much I detest the notification, though, I will never request or ask someone to do that, but I hope you'll keep an eye for my post and continue supporting what I love to do.

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