After a hard time, panicking a lot & thinking about it so much. Finally, I made the discussion of changing, & relaunch my site with a brand new name. It's a lifetime change. You cannot change numerous times. Seriously not an easy task for any committed blogger. Off course SEO matters & all but not only that your readers will get confuse then at a time maybe get lost too.

Now to the introduction part; The quirky Minimal. It's something I may relate myself. As it's my brand and quite of you may notice that I have a taste of minimalist style, playing with basic & all. But hold on theirs twice at times. I go for a very eclectic look. In senses quirky typical, not your regular menswear styles. And theirs always a mix & match because fashion is all about confidence, & mostly playing with it . Showing you rather then been hide of someone's visions. That's definitely not you.

Back to the outfit. Things are heating up day by day in Guwahati, and going for dark tones. May bring you to a serious situation. Damn hot here. So I kept it real minimal, from the colour tones to fabric. So you may see other things self-explanatory. And I hope everyone will enjoy my new way of quirky minimal. Stay tuned and if you are queries about my previous blog domain so I transferred/plugged to my portfolio, do check it out.

Calvin Klein jeans, Koovs shirt & backpack, Forever21 Men's Sandals 

Photos by Moon Boro, edit by yours truly

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