It's started, my exams guys. I must say I'm happy with how my first paper turns out but still had a full of tensions for other subjects like science, maths & Sanskrit than blah, blah, blah.

After the first exam, I reached home & I was like I needed a relaxing time bit maybe but like doing what I like. As content creator if I'm off more than a week. It really feels everything off more than bad offbeats. Things actually get switch off and a legit mess. Did yo feel the same way too at any point?
For me, a day out full of sun soaking, then eating lots of yum, capturing moments & creating something for me or you guys. It's kind of ideal day for now with most important; every time is for me. The current routine of my life is like blank with same dots of shit.

Note to me, Works hard Rabha. And normally I don't set goals or any type of resolution of New Years so I hope this so not late so I'm going to try from now to focus on one thing at a time and hoping for I don't mess again. Plus don't be bored of listening to me, a promise to you guys. More outfit, Photography work related or for the Instagram love something coming soon for everyone. Bye folks see you soon.

Photos by Yours truly

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