So yeah, superbly obsessed with all whites. Very while ago I always have hate/love for whites because I'm carefree so keeping white as white, it's like a next impossible and even my mom didn't use to offer me white items(now maybe you get the point). Also yes, apparently a lot of white entertaining in my closet that notes spring summer for me is going all white only. Yes hashtag whites and Currently, I'm taking big strides in 2016 to change my personal style. Started to rebuild my wardrobe and lot more things happening. So just hold on guys and be excited as much I'm.
And in my heart, there'll always be a place for the white tee with high waisted wearing jeans, as you may know, I have a serious obsession with the 80s & 90s grandpa looks. They definitely should come back from the hellhole of trends into non-existence. plus they are fresh , carefree comfort with a balance of hipsters looking. In the night time just add a leather jacket or like me my preference is a bomber will just work so fine and you are good to go straight to a night out.
Hope you like this super simple post up today for you and hope everyone is enjoying their day.


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