I'm back, not fully though. Actually this post was written way back. Even before my last post went live. Other then that, my exams are started the and today was my first paper and it was good. I know I should be studying hard and truly i'm just so nervous for rest of my subjects. OK let's keep it aside for a while and here's My first ever styling project, A campaign shoot for Kunstocom . Wait should I say food styling or just keep it as it. Truly I'm so happy to finally present, 2016 First photography with styling work of mine.

Yummy winter

shot and styled by YOURS TRULY
featuring KUNSTOCOM
No clue I need to thanks to Instagram for letting me know and pushing my level of Photography and styling for fashion to still life to food styling now. I have never thought this experience can turn out so much to me, and will be helping me through out the future works too.
I have to mention this about Still photographing, the biggest challenge I have faced was lighting and often many photographer face & says about it too. if you don't have good lighting your good looking food can change into worst looking. As like everyone's says;nature light is your best friend and I believe it too, all the images have shot with help of only natural lights. through out the day time I just play with natural lights to create different effects and ethics. And always Remember that wrong angle lighting can create
unwanted reflection but If you play careful and creatively with the lighting, every image can turn different style and Obviously amazing looking. And about the campaign firstly I couldn't believe all the soups I have cooked by myself, kind of proud about it on this note. Other then that the whole campaign was to creates winter vegetables soups with the help of the Kunstocom blender, a reminder that nows days people are more interested in buying instance soups, I get it we save time but the whole process and adding your own flavour with fun of creating new soups is totally missing.
Also The blender works totally fine and my grandma totally loves to use it not only for soups, many other blending works can do with it. maybe it's not so fast but she totally enjoys the time she does it.

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