The rising heat is upon us, Well on the way and I can surely see the humidity changes. Like now I can shoot up to 4 PM sometimes even 5 without any hustling compromises.

And yes few layers are down from my outfits, still I do believe doing summer layers too, like throwing my go to Favorite summer essential denim shirt over any look.
Also, does Who haven't owned a denim shirt like seriously, what are you doing with your life? So go.

By now, you must all be getting sick of my love for the basic lately and with any clue my Instagram feed getting a touch of a minimalist, now white as white then contrast up, Saturation & temperature down. Now I'm thinking where & when I started. Maybe the problem is that I pick up my obsession really quick, and then it stays for a long period, sometimes never goes as well. Not going to lie, I have an addiction now going throw others minimal feeds.

Now I pause no more Instagram (addiction) things. Sorry, but not sorry to break your hearts Instagram lovers. Basically, this post is for pre welcoming the spring/summer and even I know some places are enjoying or fighting against the cold weather. But before I make a silence for one month, Let me show you my guide so the great tip will be making things simple with great to work. Like most of the time in summer, I prefer simple outfit and accessories too; yet, I do have a love for patterns and prints.
And my new dungarees are here, and dungarees need to come back from the hellhole of trends into non-existence. Does no one love the comfort of 70s hippie trends and 80s Dad looks are fresh AF? About my look, it's just a simple dress up look for the summer nights by layering breathable items like the summer blazer I'm wearing from New chic.
 By the way, my study leaves are on, but I'm spending the majority of my time drinking cold coffees while on YouTube. Not to self, badly need to stop.


Gap White Shirt


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