A better late than never, on 28 January my blog turned 2 years old. Yes, time for a little bit of celebration and with some great dance moves. So grateful and happy on how things have changed in the past year to the way it is right now, the effort I put in to make my blog and all the work it takes. Seriously, I was 14 years old; didn't know what I was doing. My only desire was to be happy with what I was doing. Or maybe I was trying to build a place just to see things the way I love. I never had popularity in mind, making money out of it, not even trying to inspire others. These things still aren't the reason behind me blogging. But yes, now I'm trying to inspire everyone from the I way see things. And I'm never going to change for anything. Nor stop doing what I love.
Anyway,"How did I start?" This question has been asked numerous times from online to in person too. So, the blog started as more of a storage for me as I use to upload all of the pictures since I use to take a lot of images every day and always use to copy past the cheesiest quote line on every blog post. Then, the first fashion blog I saw was of Mawisvintage but now she blocked me; maybe in every social networking site. (It's a long story. I sort of took inspiration from her birthday cake and give it to my sisters for her birthday but she took it as copying. If you're reading this somehow Mawi I'm sorry. I should have asked you).

Alright then, let's back to it, 14 years old kid finds out something cool that exists and it were call blogging, I thought she must be so happy in what she was doing and yes I needed a place to save my memories too. Then my google search history made it to 180 Degree opposite from searching chocolate wallpapers, games, and my secrets; to what is fashion blogging? How could I be a blogger? Where to open a blog? Lots of other histories. I Found so many other incredible blogs like Song of style, MDV Style, Scout sixteen, lustt for life, One Dapper streetBig Hair Loudmouth, and my most favorite all time shine by three.
Then as times went by everything changed. I continued and always liked making different steps with upgrades. But sometimes things fails but there's always the next step to move into. The most helpful power and trick I had were photography alone. Some people may say the most power of tool of blogging is photography But not totally I agree, a blog needs everything perfect, from every top to bottom or left to right. Work it, work it. and Anyhow I'm not at all saying I have been successful in blogging because I'm totally in a process, and trying mostly to inspire and putting my creative levels up. The lessons I have learned, first is patience. I Have to mention it's everything not only in blogging but in every purpose of our life. It takes a lot of time but still be patient. Then I just understood a simple principle: the more you nurture your creation, the farther it gets. Meaning: if you don't Create/write content, you don't get traffic. But again stop looking at your Traffic analytics. Trust me or not, your graph doesn't grow by just staring at it. learn more about HTML and CSS works, truly going to help you so much with your blog and lastly, find your own way, just be who you are and that's it.
And I'm so looking forward to the future, truly promise you I will always put my best effort in every way possible. Just be with me, guys. Happy 2nd Blogoaversay to this blog. Cheers!

Wearing-American Eagle Denim shirts & F21 Men Sweater- In Shot one & two-Asus zenfone 2 laser, Fujifilm Instax mini 8, Canon 50mm f1.8

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