Firstly a genuine sorry to all of you for the silence, I know more than a week. Even my pre-bored exam was going I was trying to keep up but things always don't turn out what we expect so hope you guys understand and today I'm sharing my current mood/ fashion/ Style craving.
Comfort, effortless and PJ style, for all this I'm currently coveting for something real exist Call effortless item in menswear or not? That shows the effortless alternative in menswear of Slip Dress(that girls can dressed up or Even better Down). Maybe a Lifesaver sporty tank, or I wished too much. You may know or not that I'm always jealous of Women's: when it comes to varieties of Clothing style.
Previously I have mentioned in a shopping post that when it comes to brands, we have very few in menswear and I totally feel like blessed. But that few are hell making similar things. Maybe we should consider ditto's. Only differences in rates and sometimes qualities, like if you go to forever 21 you will get much less than if you go to top man: maybe it's the bit of expensive side. But like what you are paying they both worthy for me. And again my brands list is few, But I always wanted to add a piece from Zara as I always kept scrolling their website ah(so minimalist & versatile pieces) My worst luck Zara don't offer to ship to go and shop in our City. Buying Designers items, let me first think.
That this moment I really need some Comforts, a day maybe fully spent in my denim dungarees. Like the seventies hippie moments, such a throwback to Oversize style with lots of effortless items.
About my look, what I'm wearing doesn't prove my current mood but yes I'm in my comfort and now hunting for some good denim dungarees for the rising heat weather, so any suggestions? Also, added a visual style in this post, show a day in my life eating and some interiors on point. What else you can expect from me.And I'm obsessed with Snapshot, seriously not because I learned how to Snap correctly but I'm enjoying NYFW through the snap chat. Too many inspirations
Wearing-Gap Jeans. Sammy Dress Jacket, Chumbak T-shirt, Puma Sneakers via Jabong 
All Photos by yours truly.

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