There's so much going on about the week that I couldn't allow to stop or have any potential to make it slow. People say life goes on but at this point for me everything is going on and I feel like I'm still at beginning back & how? Loaded with so much of work to studies and bit of pain of my personal lifestyle. Theirs rest for me or the waste of me. Before a year back my, every night was a blank, no sleep no dream.
Now my days are fully productive and my nights totally well sleep but still next morning I wake early and thinks comes in mind that I didn't make it anything good or even not anything bad. What's up with me.

 Maybe because My final exams are starting soon, maybe totally no but I need a break from everything and focus on one thing for now.
Should I consider now I can prepare more for my exams rather than thinking more rubbish about my life? No doubt I enjoy blogging so much, making new contains always feels good from my inside to outside. But I'm still finding the right balance between everything so at this I'm going to try. The process is slow but still in the good process and I hope everyone can understand as well be with me.

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