Where to shop? Where to shop? I can feel you brothers, for the Menswear shopping it's quite hard or should I say few but I have been shopping online for more than a three years, yes so shopaholic. To be honest it's easy that we have few right destination, rather then girls have so many destination and so much confusion What to get? Get back to the point of this post;it will definitely help you to know where to what to shop. But First When you are shopping always make sure you have the eye for the items you want to shop then go the right place or make list of items you want. Got it! now here's the few list of my favorites.
1. Asos.com: Always way to my top for everything, literally you can find anything or you want to say everything. From the basic to quirky items to all the categories of casual or formal. Always have the great destination for everyone if you are women's or mens or the cute kids. Only thing that I dislike that some resident have to pay the customs including India.
2. Forever 21: Have to start by saying that the best place to experiment your style or a change. From the pocket friendly and alway have the up to that style items. Half of my closets filed with their items.
Now I think how much I love them.
3. Koovs.com: For all the Indian resident only. Like little bit of Asos similarities for the basic lover and have the taste of up to date with trending items. If you are from India ,do give it a look. What you paying for definitely going to be worthy.
4. Jabong.com: Again Indian resident but the variety of the items you will get to purchase from the international high street brands like Topman and River island, and many more. That will definitely full fill your needs and always have the great sales and discounts on most of the items.

 Anything left? Yes some time I shop from Sammy dress, A China base site that I have shopped couple of time ago before they gifted me this Varsity jackets I'm wearing. The quality is good but the only thing I dislike about the clothes is that lining and stitching is not so good. Maybe you have to re stitches your items before wearing it but the pricing is so cheap and very Asian boy's style item.

And totally No, this is not a sponsored post by any brand that I mentioned just to help some of my readers, asked over my Tumblr to make a guide for them. Other else if someone have any other recommendations please feel free to comment about it.


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