I shouldn't pinpoint when, but some time along the way it's frustrating sometimes when people expect you to follow the path already set out for you- a profession as an engineer or a doctor or sometimes as a lawyer ( that's it;something traditional) Again it's a way and human nature to put people in box, how much I know it does not apply to the fashion industry in particular(maybe! hope). Do have mentioned that I'm not so familiar with how the fashion industry is running because I'm just starting or trying to make a way but I feel like about and how much or I get reading online about it;that it accepts everyone, you just have to do your own work then not portraying someone less. It truly gives the chance to express your self and just remember be who you are where you are from.
And there is no limits for your work, how much you know you have the power to percent it. But truth to be spoken your up side down will be there too. Just prepare yourself.And Many people know; The constant struggle of trying to stand out among the sea of thousands.
When at the end of the day, who you know rather than what you know will be what gets you the-the job. The thinking is that people should find their own opportunity and not look for a quick sweet or if you like the salt. Believing is the key and I believe that our younger generation of young creative have so much more to bring to the table than the traditional 'formula' of the corporate hierarchy. I think that it is more important than ever for us to be able to be Multi-skilled-player and have the opportunity of using then simultaneously rather than making into the dust-box.
And other side people should start to inspire and to be inspired in a genuine way everyone. Be honest with yourself and everyone at any point, If someone understands it says thank you if don't still thank. Keep it simple and stick to your yourself to work & words. I just say Keep producing, creative talent lives to inspire.
 And there's no better time than now to just start your own thing if it's big or not, don't care just go for it.
P.S.I'm on my way to my home town, so happy and bye Guwahati.

Shot One, three & Seven by Chayanika Rabha
Wearing: DIY Denim Jacket, Gap Jean, Other items Local shop

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