It's January now that 
note it's New year but Not new me.
Firstly Happy New Year to everyone. Like always I will be real 2015 was great, but was neither there or here. Went by really quick without any pain. Did you feel same way too? No jokes I have made a big steps and still figuring out for the future or still in process. Although it was much much better then 2014. Mostly 2015 seemed to be more of a learning year or buildup. Seriously I'm so thankful that I got to learn so many great things that will definitely going to help me growing in my future years. And I have seen many times, people are sharing and talking about their new resolution or 2016 will see me... some of my readers have asked over on my tumblr about my. So like always, believing in myself and pushing my creativity really higher. And also do keep your eyes open for some of my new recent photography/Styling work will be up here and from this post the regular contents will be in line now. Beside that i do really wish everyone a great year ahead and be happy.

*Self-Portrait with a tripod
Wearing-Look One- F21 Men Sweater, Thrifted Jackrt
Look Two-F21 Men Sweater, RI Shirt, Thrifted Denim, Puma Sneaker 

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