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  Yes I made it to my hometown but I'm freezing badly, lately the weather getting so much down. Truly never happened like this cold here at time I'm enjoying but other works getting into you turns mood. Probably have to balance so much, truly getting heal lazy & leaving the bed like have to force myself hundred times. Maybe the Reason why cold so much; because it's more of a valley or should I say farmhouse but to much green trees, more then my Instagram feed greenery.

The local people's included my uncle & grand parents wake up like at 4:00AM morning like How? I can just thing & about me still napping around like at 9:00 or 9:00AM sometime 10:00AM up too. And their works started, even completed half of it maybe. Should consider myself that the force of constitutions working energy I get from my family background. Maybe but really my work is so much less then theirs. No comparison.

And about internet connection doesn't exist here so I don't have any passion to wait to update any of my social networking site as much I wanted. But heading to the town is totally worthy, you may able to post it from a cafe. Food; totally eatable and while traveling, try most of the local food and enjoy. Now, hope you enjoy the picture and get a glimpse of my home town. Freezing.

This is a photo-heavy post. Please first let everything load.*
Now, Bye Homie! 

Wearing- Faded Glory Jumper,RI Shirt, Jabong, Denim Vest, Gap Jeans

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