Your style, Like this one topic that has been discussed numerous times before in passing, but I still wonder whether I am perhaps... Or Just into the mood one. There is nothing permanent except change, and those who can't change their minds cannot change anything. Progress is important for everyone, right? It's impossible without a change.
   To get better ask your self what Am I? No clue, it's hard but how throughout the last year I'm figuring out myself Kind of buildup situation going on. But still it's fine maybe some confusion still on that I'm ok with it. Back to the early age when I newly started my own blog. Flashback #2014, I always use to pick a very quite location at the startup of a day time; possible the earliest much better.
 I do have to always force someone to take my outfit photos that I'm not so familiar with it but that how it goes. then when between photo taking, do have to simply avoid strangers and sometimes they ask random questions with continuously confused eyes but I ended up lying like a professional liar. That's me! Now, I feel it would to much
better and easier for them & also me to get a new viewers simply by explaining them. As Time flies, I'm learning to become less self-conscious and believing other, me, and mostly independent.Now I shoot my self with a help of tripod. Still remember the very first self-portrait experience was totally hectic, figuring out my best to be able to take a few good shots of myself, but in life nothing comes easy until you really work hard. And there is always first time for everything. Other then About my style now I'm more of a me with the personal style. Rather then keeping everything fine for the world. Now that's what I call personal style. Saying; the most reliving thing could happen to anyone finding yourself at any point of your life. Then your life-style will always be for you only.
Self-portraits shot by yours truly 
Wearing: Koovs Jacket, Iincult Jeans, Puma White sneakers, & Similar Tartan Shirt

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