A unknown update!

I never thought, my life could be like an unknown song. Truly even if people are listening. I don't know if its in a good way or the opposite. If I try to solve this mystery, a new tune starts playing. So should I stop listening or just let it be for now. Trying my best to find an Answer. Reality is that I'm not as strong as I look but I know how to deal with problems, maybe sometimes I failed but I know that I always Try to Believe in myself! Another thing is that if I ask for help, and even if the person tries his best to help me I end up with a new remix of my life. Which I am never going to play, so I stopped asking for help every time. I Just Try to be who I am. Important note; if some day you are feeling the same way just try to solve your problems on your own. It makes you happy and also doesn't give people a chance to mess up your life. And that's a wrap of this post, hope you feel what I wanted to share. Plus sorry lately I'm not posting any thing about outfits, photography or fashion related and even if I do click pictures of my outfits, its just that I didn't wanted to force myself to do and as the years 2015 is coming closer to an end. I truly don't want to or going to regret anything in 2016 related to this year. Just trying to be Care free

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