A few nights ago, I found myself being bored of the internet. So, naturally kept surfing on web and I don't want to believe or talk that but people are still talking about the coming out of Essena O'neill, realities of social influencers. To be honest I think the topic is growing more because of our fault too, yea including me too because I'm posting this post. Am neither against social media nor i support or follow it blindly but i do believe in it as a professional thing. Social media has both advantages as well as disadvantages but it actually depends on how the person views it or their mentality lies and take it on the verge of positive vibes. Suppose your suffering any problems through social media don't include everyone try to solve it by yourself through good measures
And strictly mentioning that this post is not going to talk against any social networking Hater or about Essena O'neill but just one question where you are showing your opinion? is it not a social networking sites. And please don't start any Spamming on the comment section. So as a blogger working with brands is our achievement but no one ever force us to accept it, unless it's you. Are you robot? Maybe you are that's why social networking sites are started asking at their sign up page, that are your robot or human.
 Work with a brands that you love and believe because who doesn't wants to support his friend. The first important thing you should always remember to stay true to yourself always. If you are true then one day definitely other people will know some how. And I can totally understand some people say and I believe that social media is not perfect how it works all the likes, comments and follows. To be honest your not perfect too neither I'm. And learn accepting you and saying no. Last please please don't make any issues big, maybe it's fake or real. Just take as a inspiration or guide to yourself to be better and question about it how it works or anything you don't know about it but please no complains. Anyways before I sign off Always Be Optimistic.

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