Let's talk about The strong items. As much I gravitate towards quirky thing, in a opposite sense I always run away from the classic and in fashionistas word the closest staples. Yes That's me! I feel like wearing formal things not going to make me any sense. First I'm just a student or some say a kid, Maybe that's my excuse. But when another year is going to end, I force or try to be a part of the holiday joy wearing. Not saying that I don't like Christmas or holidays, its just that I don't think dressing up is actually holidays. Again its everyone's own life and true to be say I don't have to care what other wears. Just tried to show my opinion as I can Feel and see the Modern world getting more kind of a dressed up and keeping the culture more side of it. Seriously wearing new clothes, then sharing in your all social media that's it your holidays then just be happy.  Other side finally made a day, breaking my new leather jacket that was purchased way back start of the November. Paired with risky trousers & collarless shirt, and to complete my look I choose the Chelsea boots. If you want, take this look as your holiday look guide or else just keep pinning.

F21Men Leather jacket & Cap / CK Shirt / Local shop Trousers & turtleneck / Koovs Chelsea boots

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