Before I start I have to thank Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. I think everyone should thank them too, for the Amazing gift they have given to humanity called Jeans or Denim what ever you say. I know we have had ,have and will wear jeans and completely move it like Jagger. Truly I will not start Pasting the histories of jeans now because we all know how to check on Wikipedia if not here's the link. So this post is totally made to show my love to my favorite Fabric ever. Obviously Denim. And to be honest Even if you splurge in a Good denim it will end up being worth it because it has the ability, to be with you in all raft time you have in your life. And please don't say that you feel uncomfortable in pair of a good jeans because that's totally opposite I think a jeans can give you the most comfort and the freedom that any other clothing items can't. Sorry not even the joggers too. Plus If you haven't purchase a good pair of jeans then you should definitely do because its the most versatile, wardrobe staple and every good words goes with him. So Find now! And Before stopping as I always say Hope this post make some Inspiration and the important links helps you in anyway.

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