Totally Bored with my Denims and Life is not only about one thing. As you have May noticed or may not be that I'm a totally living in Jeans, or I just change the length of My Denims. And about trying for new things I'm always in it and I have big long list going on and from the list scrolling to the top I have chinos and Trousers ahh Badly Wanna try them, but I have always hate or afraid of formal looking wear things totally not sure about my pulling up to my taste.
 Other side I'm in nerd team now shhh! Totally not sure if I actually look like the nerd guy from Katy Perry's Last Friday night music video or I do look smart now that I'm totally not. Ok let's get Back to my look as I'm trying trousers for the first time I was totally blank about it and as I have always learned to go with small step but in clothing or fashion we don't have steps (I wish we have) . Nothing to be sad because we do have Basic so I go for the black trousers and going Monochrome looks is always Good idea because Monochrome looks never fail in fashion. Ahh See you in my next post! I'm totally Craving for some good food now. 

Jacket:Forever21Men / Shirt:GAP / Trousers:Jabong / Shoes:Koovs / Eyewear:TITAN EYE PLUS


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