After having so much of headaches and continuously thinking and working for it about how my dream blog should be looking like and before its too late to work finally I have started working on it from the beginning of the month of September. Even if I have finally relaunch it but The Dream is Still only a Dream that it's just in my mind the look. Since blogging for two years now I'm proudly going to say that I have learnt a lot of things that I wasn't going to believe that this thing actually goes under my ability, It doesn't force but you just go for it to day by day for your own love for the blog.
And one of the most important part about blogging is now days the look! Yes the layout is literally playing the most important part of your blog (The stand out) . In the internet your not the only one ok about millions of millions blog are growing each and every day New or old doesn't matter. And Standing out doesn't mean you have to be on the top. Having recognize and loving your work is the thing.
 In the Blogging field your the worker of your own brand, No one is the manager No one else do nothing! Just your work and your work. Unique creativity are the goals for every blogger. Who doesn't love New things because I definitely Do every time. New and Fresh contents must have really come up with something new that maybe doesn't inspires everybody but represents you and your area of work. Think it before doing.
 And extremely sorry for being like windbag, but seriously the blogging field really helps and show case any ones talents if you are really focus about your work. As I have the mention that the increasing of blogs, Many bloggers think it's not good for them but it actually motivates me to buckle up because Some people are way cooler then us and their works on point and I think everyone should show your own coolness. For a beginner who wanna start blogging but no idea what kind of blog to start, just look through every blog and what you want to blog just go for it because the blogging community is really a beautiful thing that accepts everyone and always trying to inspire each other.

 In Shot 1:LENOVO YOGA 300 // In Shot 2:Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

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